Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension
Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension

I welcome you to the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension (DAEE). Our programmes provides a comprehensive education in both theoretical practical aspects of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Agribusiness, Non-Governmental Studies and Management and Commodity Development. Our aim is to prepare our Students to become effective and competent professionals in their areas of specialisation. The Department is responsible for handling all academic courses in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension in the School of Agriculture. The Department also offers market-driven undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Agricultural Extension, Agribusiness, Agricultural Extension and Community Development, Non-Governmental Studies and Management and Non-Governmental Studies and Community Development. Our prospective students are assured of a friendly and cordially study environment.

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension is one of the five departments within the School of Agriculture, University of Cape Coast. The Department comprises two units: Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension. It has qualified fulltime lecturers covering many specializations in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Non-Governmental Organisations’ (NGO) Studies and Community Development, and other related disciplines. It is responsible for handling all courses in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension at the B.Sc. level within the School of Agriculture. In addition to teaching, faculty members undertake research and extension activities in the areas of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Agricultural Extension and related disciplines including NGO Studies, Management and Community Development.


To be an outstanding department that provides quality leadership in agricultural economics and extension education, cutting edge research and innovative outreach for community development.


To continually review and revitalise curricula to make them more responsive to current and emerging challenges and attract and retain excellent faculty to provide highly competitive and relevant quality education, research and extension collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

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In order that it realizes its stated vision and mission, the Department shall embrace the following core values:

  • Professionalism
  •  Teamwork
  • Creativity and innovations
  • Integrity, Honesty, Quality
  • Ethical practices
  • Leadership
  • Our programmes foster and build potential leaders by equipping students with the requisite skills and knowledge.
  • Studying at DAEE is a great opportunity for personal and academic growth, unique experience and career development.
  • Our Students go on to make a difference in government institutions, business world, NGOs and local/community development organisations.
  • You are assured of friendly and highly qualified Faculty and other staff who will assist you to complete your programme of choice on time.
  • You are assured of excellent teaching and learning facilities to facilitate learning within the Department.